This year, Delhi has seen more clean days till August 26

Delhi, pollution Control

In the year 2016, the capital only experienced 74 clean days, and the numbers increased in the later year to 113. This year, the numbers have successfully increased to 118 till August 26 and the year is yet to wind up, as stated by the central pollution control board. The quality of Delhi’s air has been better as compared to the past two consecutive years. Till August 26, the numbers of clean pollution free days were recorded 118 which are more than that of the last two year records.

Delhi’s air is considered clean when the pollution control board defines the air quality index good, satisfactory, or moderate. V Shukla, the head of the board’s air quality laboratory was reported saying that if the period from January 1 to August 26 is to be considered, then in 2016, there were only 74 days that were termed as clean days. In the year 2017, Delhi experienced 113 clean days and in 2018, the days have shot up to 118.

V Shukla also went ahead to say that this year, the capital has been experienced quite a clean and pollution-free atmosphere than it did in 2016 and 2017 since January. But the quality of air turned worse in June this year as compared to the previous years. This happened because of the dust storm that took place in Rajasthan.

Delhi and other nearby parts of North India have been suffering badly with worse air quality in the past few years and especially in the winters. The increasing air pollution caused by fine particulate matter was the reason for the premature deaths of almost 15,000 people in Delhi in 2016.

The central pollution control board has sent numerous teams to identify violations like open garbage burning and open constructions that increase pollutions, as stated by the member secretary P Gargava. Delhi is now recovering from the worse air quality that it used to have in the past by effective measures taken by the officials and the state government. No matter what, with effective precautions and measures, Delhi people are now witnessing more of the clean days as that of the previous years, and this is a huge improvement. There can be better improvements witnessed in the future years if subjective measures are taken by the officials and the central pollution control board.


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