Tiger attacked a Man at Ranthambore as he Disturbed it during the Mating Process

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Image Source: Indiatimes.com

Tigers are the wildest creatures that anyone can come across and at the end of the day; they need their privacy for doing their things. This wild animal hunts alone and likes to stay in isolated. Looking at the increased tourism rates, there has been a loss of habitat speculated in the endangered species and due to which tigers become aggressive at times. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve that is situated in Rajasthan consists of a large number of wild species including a wide range of tigers.

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In the latest human-animal conflict, an angry tiger was reported to attack a youth because he was continuously disturbing the animal while it was mating. A man named Mohan repeatedly disturbed the animal in the wild when it tried to copulate in an Indian gooseberry orchid near to the Enda Village. The angry tiger came after Mohan, and the tiger severely injured him. The nearby people and villagers came to the spot where Mohan was injured and worsened the situation by throwing stones at the Tiger.

This action made the tiger angrier, and it came after the villagers to attack them, and most of the villagers saved themselves by climbing up the trees and some hiding under the bushes. But, it was too late to save Mohan from the attack, and he is still recovering from the paw marks of the wild animal in the hospital.

However, the forest officials are more worried about the well being of the tigers. The increasing number of tourists has damaged the natural habitat of the wild animals to the extreme. The roads constructions that are being constructed through the tiger corridors have made many of the animals to migrate to other distinctive places where human disturbance is minimal.

Ranthambore is home to some dangerous tigers, and the code T-24 is given to the tiger that faces anger issues. It was already killed two people, and unfortunately, the cub was separated from its family when it was young. The family members of the T-24 tiger have been shifted to the Sariska tiger reserve, and it has been left alone here with other tigers. Another tiger named T-28 has run away a few months ago and was surrounded by a large crowd in Rajasthan itself. He was tranquilized, but ultimately he died because of a drug overdose.


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