Travel to Mars Can Cause Cancer and Destroy Guts if Astronomers, Study Says


It is seen that every person wants to travel to space. Among them, some selected astronauts get this opportunity to travel to space and to experience the same. But before going for the long space missions, one should understand about the cosmic pathologies as well as how they get arise.

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A new study which was carried out by NASA has said that the journey to the red planet Mars can kill the astronauts. It may destroy the Gastrointestinal (GI) tracts align with their guts as well as it may cause cancers in them. The study also examined the long-term deep space journey too.

As per the reports by the Independent, this study comes after another research which has found that humans can also suffer the brain damage in deep space as well as even age astronauts prematurely.

The Humans who will go to Mars which is no more a pipe dream as well as they have multiple space agencies as well as private companies who all are building rockets. They too design the habitats for the humans to live, work as well as to colonize the Red Planet.  The experiments on Mars too proved that environment of Martian is friendly but lack of air, cold waves, weak gravity as some issues that will pose dangers for the future Martians.

According to the new study, the report of the study shows that they have carried an experiment on the environmental condition of Mars. In this experiment, the researchers have put mice through the paces as well as they test subjects which are dosed with the radiation that can be expected to go beyond the protective reaches of the Earth’s magnetic fields. After the experiment, the mice have developed GI disorders which are found to be a long-term functional alternation in the digestive system.   In addition to this, colon, stomach, as well as other organs in the gut, seem to develop serious tumors, as said by the researchers.

According to Kamal Datta, who is from Georgetown University Medical Centre, NASA is the investigator of the study said that these heavy ions like iron as well as silicon could damage it as it is the great mass which is compared to no mass photons like gamma rays and x-rays. These rays seem to be prevalent on Earth as well as they are low mass protons in the outer space.


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