Treatment for NHS 11 Mental Health Getting Delayed, Ruining lives

Treatment for NHS 11 Mental Health

As per a new report, people who have got mental health problems which all are waiting for so long for NHS care. They are ending up jobless or in financial distress or even divorced due to the delay in the mental treatment.

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In this study which was done by a Royal College of Psychiatrists, ahs survey with an experience of about 500 diagnosed mental health patients that are found with some who all had waited up to 13 years to get this treatment that they are needed badly.

As per Prof Wendy Burn, who is the college’s president, said that this is like a scandal in which the patients are said to be waiting for a long period to get the respective treatments. This failure in providing the mental illness treatment as they are said to be ruining the lives of the patients.

The Comres undertook this survey has also found out that there is more than 37 percent of people who all had faced this waiting process. This wait has led them to deteriorate the health conditions of them during that waiting time.

As per a lady from East of England, she said that her husband had got separated from her as it is impossible to live with him.

Another lady who is about 38 years or old from Wales said that she had suffered from depression in such a way that they had got divorced and lost the job as well as got divorced due to that. For all these problems she has started suffering from financial problems too.

In the study, it said that it had been seen that one in the three has suffered from mental health problems. It got worsened when the time goes by. Due to that, about 36 per cent has suffered relationship difficulties, and about 34 per cent suffers from job problems. Apart from this, about 32 per cent had suffered financially.

In England, NHS is now trying to shorten waiting times as well as to increase the access the mental health care for the children as well as for adults. As per the Care Quality Commission, they found in their survey that the under-18s in England were waiting for about 18 months to get the treatment.

Now the Ministers have been giving ideas to decrease the waiting time targets for cancer treatment, physical health care and planned operations in time. This exhibition is said to be constrained, but they have to do this to reduce the distress.


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