Twitter Brought Back the Chronological Timeline

Twitter, chronological timeline

Twitter is said to be one of the most popular social networks which are said to be having a lot of technology industry as well as companies, influencers. The users need to recognize the value as the social media platform has got an established presence of the Twitter that can have the competitive advantage of some companies. The company has also launch had a Twitter Lite app which helps in providing the more frugal experience.

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The latest announcement is about the switching back and forth which is between the algorithmically sorted timeline which shows that all the tweets from the followers which are in reverse-chronological order. This was like the twitter that was launched in the year 2006. It was like before the update which is done by unchecking the Show the Best tweets First feature which is in addition to the reverse chronological tweets.

This new announcement will help in getting rid of the top section as it will display the tweets in the real-time which is like the one that you think that you want.  The company announces these changes after tweet which was going on from morning by Twitter user Emma Kinema. In the tweet of her, she had detailed about the way that the reverse engineer algorithmic sorting which highlights the much-requested feature which shows the tweets in reverse of the order that they have appeared. In this more than 42,000 likes along with 16,000 retweets have been done which is shows that a disconnect which is between about the users wanted.

As per Twitter, it said that it is working on some similar update. The company has said in the statement that they have now learned that when they show that the Best tweets first. People now find that Twitter is more relevant and easy to use, but the feedback which the company has got from the people shows that the people aim to see more recent tweets. Now the moan goal of the company with timeline feature is to balance the shows that you get with the recent tweets along with the best tweets that you are likely to take care of. These things seem to be not balanced right.

It is said that in the future update, the update will boost the visibility as well as it will make the feature to access the way for an easy system to toggle between the curation as well as with the real-time feed without any bloat.


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