Use of Social Media increases Mental Health Problems Among users

Social media, increase mental health

It has been seen that the mental health problems are said to be very young which have given rise to about six-fold since the social media came into existence, as per the study.

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The researchers from the University College London, Imperial College London, University of Exeter as well as the Nuffield Trust were able to track the trends from 1995 to 2014.

They have found the number of the children as well as the young people who can report a long-standing mental health condition which has soared among the generation which has brought up with the internet.  This study is said to be the major research which is in the field for more than a decade. This comes with the warnings by the head of the NHS which is about the epidemic of the mental ill-health that was fulled by the social media.

As per Simon Stevens, who has backed the Daily Telegraph has got the campaign for the duty of the care with the just more robust regulation of the sites which is like Instagram as well as Facebook. This new research which was published in the journal Psychological Medicine, that was found in the year 1995 which comes with just 0.8 percent of about four to 24-year-olds in England as they had got a long-standing mental health condition.

These things have given rise to about 4.8 percent of the equivalent which is almost one in 20 young people which is in the year 2014. It is seen that the nature of the question can be done only by detecting the long-term problems which means that it is likely to reflect the small proportion which is of the total number of people suffering from any kind of mental crisis.

According to Dr.Dougal Hargreaves, who it is the lead researcher of this study from Imperial College London as well as the Nuffield Trust said that there are likely to be many reasons that are behind the striking rise in the self-reported mental health conditions. This can be get explained by some better awareness as well as they reduce the stigma which is around the mental health along with other things like social media as well cyberbullying that may get contributed to raising the mental health problems.

This study was got published on Tuesday. It shows that there is a rise in self-harming which is especially among the teenagers as well as young people.


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