Victim of Faulty Hip Transplant by Johnson and Johnson Accuses The Government

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A patient who has gone through faulty hip implants which were done by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has now accused the government of the compensation amount. The patient has written to the health minister in the letter that the transparency is not there in the government committee who are in charge of circulating the compensation amount.

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It has also been said that the government was said to be in continuous touch with the Johnson &Johnson, but till now the patient has not been contacted a single time. They even added by saying that they will not be the part of the compensation process till this issues have been resolved transparently.

It was seen that over 30 patients have written on Monday to health minister JP Nadda. In the letter, they have expressed the reservations with the method of the government which was said to be adopted to compensate with the patients. They too have suffered from this adverse reaction which as a result can be seen of metal on the metal hip implant. This implant is said to be marketed by the J&J since the year 2004 in the country.

J&J is said to b globally recalling the implants in the year 2010 that includes India. The study which was done by the British, have found the results that the models that are showcased in this have got a high failure rate. This study said that the patients who all go for this implants might later require revision surgery to replace the same.

In the year 2017, a committee was set up by the Indian Health Ministry for this, and from this year it has set up to compensate the Indian Patients who all have been affected from this implants. This process includes the formation of the second central expert committee in August which has taken this to calculate about J&J.

In the letter of Patients, it was written that they are distressed to see that the committee has been in close association with the J&J but not with the patients. The committee has not even taken the report about the seriousness of the injuries that they have suffered due to the implants for a single time. They added by saying that this committee has not got any expertise in the investigating panel and they lack the transparency in this investigation and compensation process. They are not going to accept the compensation as their views have not been taken into account.


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