Vitamin D Supplements don’t Improve The Health of Bone

Vitamin D Supplements

As per the new study, the authors of the study said that the supplements that are usually given to the people for the improvement of bone health have nothing to do with the bones. The government should now stop advising people to take these supplements for improving their bone health.

The findings of the study which was done by the researcher’s show that Vitamin D supplements will dismay to all people who take and thinks that these products are doing well for them. It is seen that the large meta-analysis in which the authors have compiled about 81 separate studies to come to the robust possible conclusions. They have found that there is no evidence to justify to take the Vitamin d supplements except for some rare conditions.

As per the Department of Health, they say currently that everyone needs to consider by taking the supplement of Vitamin D for the bone during the winter months. They said that the people should have this as they don’t get proper sunlight from October to March. The intake of supplements includes from infants to children up to 5 years. This was announced after the findings from the government’s scientific advisory committee on Nutrition in the year 2016.

The new study on the meta-analysis which was published in Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal. This study was led by the experts of vitamin D Profs Mark Bolland along with Andrew Grey who is from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.  The other professor is Alison Avenell of Aberdeen University.

As per Bolland, he said that since the year 2014, the things have been seeming to change with the major review of the evidence was said to be carried out. During the last four years, it is more than 30 randomized controlled trials which are on Vitamin D as well as bone health which has been published.

The meta-analysis which they have done on Vitamin D shows that they don’t prevent fractures or improve the bone mineral density of even falls.  He added by saying that the doctors, as well as government agency who all suggest taking this supplements, should now be altered. These supplements will not help in any kind to any age people who all depend on this to improve bone density. The guidelines that are laid for the supplements should now be changed as it is high time for this to stop.


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