Vorombe Titan of Madagascar is Said to Be the Biggest Bird, Study Says

Vorombe Titan

In the recent development, the century-old confusion seems to be over. As per the scientists who have involved in this study claims that they have finally solved the riddle of the world’s largest bird.

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It has been said that for about 60 million years, this flightless elephant bird, Aepyornis Maximus have stalked the savannah as well as the rainforests of Madagascar. It was gone to extinction around the year 1000 years ago.

In the 19th century, it was said that the new breed of buccaneering European zoologist has obsessed over the creature by pillaging the skeletons as well as fossilized eggs to prove they had discovered the biggest bird on Earth.

The study which was released on Wednesday by the British scientists has suggested that this one species of elephant bird was said to be having the larger species than the previously thought along with the specimen that weighs an estimated 860 kilograms. The size of this animal is said to be the same as that of the fully grown giraffe.

As per James Hansford, who is the lead author at the Zoological Society of London has said to AFP, they would have been towered over the people. They are said to be definitely cannot fly as they could not have supported anywhere near the weight.

This new study was said to be published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. Hanson has examined that these elephant bird bones have found around the world as they are feeding the dimensions to the machine-learned algorithms to create the spread of expected animal sizes.

Till now, it is said as largest ever elephant bird which was described in 1894 by the British scientist CW Andrews as Aepyornis titan. This is a larger species of Aepyornis Maximus. With the French rival of Andrews, they have now dismissed the discovery of Titan which is just an outsized Maximus specimen. It has been said that for decades it has remained as deadlocked.

As per the research, Hanson proved that Titan was different species. He has also said to be found out the bones that were distinct from the other elephant bird specimens which that Titan was, in fact, an entirely separate genus. This was named as Vorombe titan who was 10 feet tall and about 650 Kg. This was made that bird as largest bird in the Earth.


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