What all the things regarding the health conditions can the nails express?

nails express

We are in a habit to pay less attention to the nails until and unless we go for the manicure. You may like to keep them short or long, or you can prefer to paint them or not. But are you aware of the fact that the nails depict a lot of health-related information? Whenever we find some spots on the nails, brittleness, discoloration, etc. issues in our nails then we always end up thinking that its all about manicure attempts while that is not the case.

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Issues related to the liver, thyroid problem, fungal infection, problems in the stomach or the heart, all of those show their symptoms on the nails. The shape of the nail as well as the texture and the color can be considered as a window with which we can peep into the inner health-related condition of the body. Not necessarily all the abnormalities are the symptoms of some of the other dangerous disease, but there are some unusual symptoms shown by the nails which indicate some serious disease. When there is some discoloration or the color of the nails would change into a patchy one then this can be possible due to the issues like the complications in the kidney or liver. This is also a symptom for cancer, or it can also be some minor fungus in the nails. The diseases which show some of the symptoms in the nails are infections, shortage of hemoglobin, diabetes, etc.

At times the color of the nails changes to red or yellow and this can be due to inflammation. In these cases, one must take the help of the dermatologists or the doctors, and on the other hand, there are the simple techniques at home can cure some nails issue. Roshini Gilbert, the Vice-president of nutrition services made statement in the recent HealthifyMe, an online fitness service company where she said that one has to notice small changes in the nails and their quality so that it can provide some clues that might be of a great help to you to diagnose some serious health complications at earlier stage.

The clubbing of the nails can depict some diseases regarding the lungs or heart. And in the case of psoriasis, the nails lose their shape rigorously. And in this way, the nails can be the important parts to be examined while diagnosing some diseases.


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