WhatsApp Co-Founder left Facebook after Disagreements with Mark Zuckerberg


In the recent development, in a sudden resignation of Instagram co-founders, Kevin Systrom as well as Mike Krieger along with a report that was followed up about the resignation has now made the situation in the Facebook headquarters a little serious.

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As per the interview, given by Acton, said that this was critical as the Facebook’s monetization strategy for the app as they both have sold the company for about 416 billion. He also added by saying that he has got voice self-guilt for being a part of this deal that made him wealthy. He added by saying that he not only sold the company but also he sold the user’s privacy to larger benefit. Acton has exited the facebook which is a year before the final batch of stock options that is vested as a decision which has ultimately cost him about $800 million.

The interview has said that they have prompted one of the Facebook’s high-level executives, who is David Marcus, who has publicly responded to it. Marcus has led to the Messenger division for years which is before the switching the focus to the company’s blockchain-related efforts. In the post which is titled as The Other side of the Story, he has said that the contained statements along with the recollection of events which differ greatly from the reality that is witnessed with the first hand.

As per Marcus, Zuckerberg has gone to bat for WhatsApp as the founders have got some numerous times. The founders of WhatsApp has requested with completely different office layout when the team has moved on the campus. He added by saying that they ask by including with much larger desks as well as personal space. A policy which is not by speaking out in loud with space as well as conference rooms which are made unavailable to the fellow. This irritated people at Facebook said that Mark has personally supported as well as defended about it.

Marcus said that after getting convicted by Kourm of the vital importance, Zuckerberg has now become resolute in supporting as well as defending the WhatsApp encryption. Mark believed that WhatsApp is the private messaging app and the inclusion of the encryption mode has ensured the customers that people’s messages were said to be truly private.  

It has been seen that Marcus has accused the Facebook of slow playing about the implementation of the feature which will help the app to get monetization.


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