WhatsApp Got a Bug which let Hackers Hijack Accounts with video call

Whatsapp Bug

On Wednesday, the Register and ZDNet which are technology website said that there had been a bug in the WhatsApp messaging service. With the help of these bugs, the hackers can able to hack the user’s applications when they have answered any incoming video call.

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This type of bug has said to be affected WhatsApp applications on Android as well as on Apple. This bug was said to be discovered in August.

In the recent statement from the WhatsApp, it said that the company has now fixed this bug in all the devices of Android and iOS. As per the company, they have now fully fixed the bug issue, and they have given the details about it in the public domain. They have explained this as a vulnerability which acts as a memory configuration bug in WhatsApp non-WebRTC video conferencing.

According to Natalie Silvanovich, who is the researcher in Google Project Zero Security research team said that a hacker from Tamagotchi has first seen this vulnerability. In the report, it is said that there is a heap of corruption which has occurred in WhatsApp mobile application that can receive with a malformed RTP packet. This packet is said to be triggering the crash that could be sent with the help of the request. She added by saying this issue can able to occur when the WhatsApp user accepts the call from the malicious peer.

In an email statement from WhatsApp, it said that the company routinely engage security researchers who are all from different parts of the world to ensure that WhatsApp remains safe all day and all hours. After this bug, the company has promptly brought a fix to the latest version.

An employee who is from WhatsApp has said that they deal with the issue in which there is no evidence that hackers have ever exploited the bug to have some attacks. The spokesman of Google too said that company was not aware of this bug, but it is now patched even before it got attacked by someone.

As per a researcher of Google, Tavis Ormandy said Project Zero had discovered this bug which is known as the Big deal.

It has been said that this bug got fixed on Android on 28th September and iOS on 3rd October.  After this have been patched, the company has said that they should update to the latest version of this app on iOS and Android.


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