WhatsApp Now Updates its Delete for All Features

Whatsapp update

WhatsApp messaging service which is one of the most popular platforms has now issued an update. The all new update that the company has issued is all about to improve the existing Delete for everyone feature.

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In this delete for everyone feature, one user can able to delete the message in any conversation. This feature has been introduced by the company during the last year to increase the features on the platform. When the company first brought it, it has allowed deleting the messages which were within 7 minutes and then it was increased to 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds. This new update has added check-in app.

This Delete for everyone feature is said to be the most demanding feature among the users. This feature is demanding as it allows the users to delete the sent message which may have been sent wrongly in the group or to anyone.  Now the company is deemed to be bringing the new updated features to the app very soon. The feature is said to be have got a refreshed update.

The company is said to be introducing an all-new recipient limit feature. In this feature, it is said that if this recipient has not been received a revoke message from the sender which is said to be sent within a time limit, then the delivered message is said to be not to get deleted on the recipient side. It is said that the company is now testing it and WABetainfo has been keeping track of the upcoming new features.

As per the new Recipient limit feature, the sender can delete the message for everyone, but the recipient has not received this within 13 hours, 8 minutes and 16 seconds then the sent message is said to be not get revoked or get deleted. This may happen as the recipient phone has got switched off for the long duration. But if the time limit seems to be over, then it will not be working for the recipient. But till now it is not clear that whether this feature will inform the sender about the revoke or not.

This feature is said to be rolling out this feature as it is seen that some of the users are deleting the messages by changing the time settings of the phone. But still, it is not clear about when the company will bring that update to the smartphones.


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