Yellowstone’s grizzly bear hunting season granted permission after 40 years

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The grizzly bears in Wyoming and Idaho have been given protection for more 14 days after the federal judge of the area blocked all sorts of first grizzly trophy hunt and it took place in decades.

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Dana Christensen, the US District Judge, granted a temporary restraining order on Thursday to stop the openly licensed hunt of the Yellowstone grizzly bears that would have enabled the hunters to kill as many as 23 bears just for sport. The threat of the death of individual bears posed by the scheduled hunts is enough, as stated by the judge. This could be done to delay the hunting season that would have begun this weekend in both states.

Looking at the growing population of the grizzly bears, Wyoming and Idaho now approved the plans to enable the hunters by giving them the permit to kill the bears this season for the first time in 40 years. The permit was made applicable came into existence when more than 7, 000 people came together to ask for the permit for the hunt.

These bears were protected under the US Endangered Species Act in 1975 when only 800 to 1, 000 bears were estimated to be left in the lower 48 states. Only about 136 of them were thought to be found in the Yellowstone area. In the year 2017, the US Fish and Wildlife Service successfully eliminated the Yellowstone grizzly bears from the list of species that are endangered, and this claimed the hike in the population of the grizzly bears to 700.

Scott Talbott, the director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, was reported saying in a statement that this condition is unfortunate. Gaming and Fishing has a robust grizzly bear management program that comes with strong regulations, protections, and population that look after the grizzly bears. The departmental heads believe that the in-state-led management of wildlife and the people are involved in the decision making such as creating and implementation of a conservative hunting ground for the ones who are looking forward to experiencing it.

The season for hunting the grizzly bears was supposed to begin this Saturday and will last until November 15. The other season was scheduled to start by September 15. Talbott was reported saying that the department is now waiting further for the information about whether the bears will remain under state management or if they go back to the federal management.


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