YouTube Game Sites Fail Leads To Merging With The Main Site

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YouTube has now announced that YouTube Gaming will be replacing it with the page that is present in the main site. The company is now hoping that the Gaming page will not be dissimilar to the Gaming site which will bring about some more viewers as well as content creators which is together now as they have not being forced to shuffle which is between the two sites.

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In the new development, it has been seen that this new Gaming experience will be looking similar to the previous site. The landing page is showing about the recommended streams as well as videos which is among the most streamed live games. It is seen that this will show the videos are from subscribed gaming channels that will allow you to set the reminders which are for the upcoming live streams on the Google Calendar. It also gives you a chance to subscribe the individual games to see about more forms of content on the game which is in particular as in the case of the game like Fortnite.

As per the announcement from the company, it is said that the YouTube Gaming site will now redirect all the users to the new destination for the gaming videos which will be on YouTube. This YouTube gaming app will be gradually phased out in the year 2019 by March. The company did this as it ensures that it will reach more gamers with the help of the gamers through YouTube rather than a specialized standalone site and app too.

According to Christina Chen, who is YouTube’s director of Product Management, said in a blog post that they have strong as well as the vibrant audience on the YouTube gaming app but the number of gamers we can able to reach this far bigger on YouTube. This has been seen that YouTube have more than 200 million gamers which usually comes to engage with the games as well as creators each day. This has also been noted that over 50 billion hours of gaming content has been seen in the last 12 months alone.

In the year 2016, when they have launched this site in India, it has been seen that YouTube Gaming consumption trends are then moving towards the games on formats which includes Xbox One as well as PS$.  It has been seen now the console gamers are now dominating the gamers world.


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