Zika virus Target immune cells and Hinders them, Study Says

Zika Virus

In the recent study, it has been observed that Zika virus infects the cells whose main function is to protect the body from the infection.

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In the body, there are macrophages which are said to be immune cells that are supposed to protect the body from all kinds of infection by the viruses as well as bacteria. But it has been seen that Zika virus infect these cells, and they can’t prevent this virus. This has been found by the researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine which have now unraveled about the virus shuts down the genes that can make the macrophages function which acts as immune cells.

This new study which was done by the researchers is published on 10th September 2018 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It has been seen that the pregnant women, Zika virus can even stunt about the neonatal brain development which can lead to the babies who burn with some abnormally small heads. The condition will be known as microcephaly in which the adult brain cells may be vulnerable to the virus.

According to the author Aaron Carlin, MD, Ph.D., who is the associate physician at UC San Diego School of Medicine in which it said that the Zika virus could destroy some cell types which is in particular in the brain. But till now there is no confirmation about the causes which make the cells to die or even malfunction. This loss of general gene transcription as well as it can identify about the things that can be seen in the macrophages which could also be crucial at the time when the neural stem cell is trying to develop the new neuron.

The research team has developed a method of tagging the Zika virus which is present inside the live cells. The mechanism for sorting the tagged infected and untagged uninfected human macrophages. As per some previous viral studies, it has relied on the dishes of the cells which had been exposed to the virus but at the same time, not all the cells were infected. The cellular effects have been measured in the laboratory infection in which the mixture of going on inside the infected as well as uninfected cells.

This type of approach helps in providing the information more accurately. It has revealed that the virus has suppressed the gene product in the cells.


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